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Quality and environment policy

DEMACOM understands total quality as the appropriate management of all the resources available to the company, including human assets. By doing this, we offer a product capable of fulfilling all your requirements, leading to full customer satisfaction. Our operations are in line with the ISO 9001:2008 norm. Currently, we are adapting our organisation and activity to the standards set by both the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 norms.

Sustainability and environment are the guidelines to the development of our operations at DEMACOM. To do so, we establish and foster patterns and actions committed to the continuous improvement in matters regarding the environment.

Our middle and long-term objectives are the following:

-To better our energy efficiency in our daily work by lowering the power consumption.

-Decrease our emissions.

-Employing 100% renewable electric energy.

-To analyse the CO2 footprint originating from our activity and products.

– Setting a new product development and services methodology which is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

-Form, inform and encourage best environmental practices both internally and externally.

Certifications and Projects


The ISO 9001:2008 norm is available at DEMACOM.

This is the international standard which promotes embracing an approach based on processes when developing, implanting and bettering the efficiency of a quality management system. The mentioned method relies on a continuous improvement cycle, the PDCA, that is Plan, Do, Check and Act.


DEMACOM is being certified for the ISO 9001:2015 norm.

The ISO 9001:2015 norm was set by the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, and it specifies the requirements for a Quality Management System. These can be implemented to the business internally for accreditation or contractual purposes, no matter the branch or whether the product and/or service is supplied by a public organisation or a private company.


DEMACOM is being certified for the ISO 14001:2015 norm.

This norm provides the organisations with a framework to protect the ecosystem and react to the ever-changing environmental conditions while balancing their socioeconomic necessities. It stipulates all the terms to lay the foundation of an efficient Environmental Management System which allows the business to achieve the desired results.

Política de calidad y medio ambiente

DEMACOM is a company which makes industrial composite parts through consistent quality and innovation, searching for Customer and People satisfaction via  responsible social and environmental action. The strategic direction of our business is focused on becoming one of the main companies in the Composite sector in Spain, due to the level of Customer, Society and People satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we base our work on the following values and basic principles:

Commitment: Towards the project of each client and responsibility in relation to the duties of our activity.

Pioneering spirit: We are permanently focused on finding new ways of working and better means to continue our activity, on adding customer value as well as creating new products and lines of business.

Engagement: We opt for smooth communication and the sharing of both knowledge and information.

The customers: They are the centre and our reason for being. Therefore, all management aspects must be directed at them.

The human factor: Only by means of proper training, communication, active participation and team work of everyone conforming to the company structure, is excellence in our work and services achieved.

Composite materials development L.L.P. understands quality as the appropriate management of all the resources available to the company, both material and human. Our aim is to offer, in this manner, a product which fulfils all the requirements of our clients; obtaining their full satisfaction and, at the same time, being environmentally-friendly via pollution prevention in our activity. To this effect, a quality and environment management system has been implanted with an approach focused on processes and based on the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 norms as well as on the Strategic Plan.

We have set as our goal to diversify work branches and to place our products as market benchmarks. To do so, we are searching for the continuous update of our production activity to meet the market, technological and quality demands, not forgetting the use of environmentally conscious resources and methods. Thus, we have the commitment of meeting not only the technical and quality requirements but, also, the legal and regulatory ones. Furthermore, we are determined to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality and environment management system, by considering the objectives, goals and voluntary engagements.

The management at DEMACOM engages with having an understood, implanted and sustained quality and environment policy and system at all levels of the organisation. It is the corporate philosophy of this company.

The Managing Director is in charge of the plant. This person, together with the process and function managers, reviews the efficacy of the system in order to verify whether it is suitable for meeting the goals set in this revaluation. The degree of fulfilment of the stated objectives will be assessed and new ones will be set, consistent with the strategies and policies designed to continually improve ourselves.