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DEMACOM believes that, nowadays, innovation is essential. It is the key element to ensure our survival and to keep us at an optimum market position as well as at the most advantageous place against our competitors. To this end, we establish tools to work and put innovation into effect by means of an R+D+I section; that is, Research, Development and Innovation.

We conduct basic and applied research and implement the appropriate technological development to the previous stages, searching for the market to take our products and services so they become ground-breaking.

We are currently developing the following:

R+D for SMEs Project

This endeavour is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and Castilla y León Regional Government. It is all done through the Business Competitiveness Institute of Castilla y León (BCI) with the sole purpose of achieving a more ambitious business network.

El proyecto

“Composite materials development via lamination in moulds suitable for building (RAWBUILDMAT)”

has been co-financed by the Thematic Goal 1 of the ERDF with the aim of “fostering technological development as well as quality innovation and research”.

File number: 04/16/LE/0012
Period of completion:  13/09/2017 – 28/02/2019
DEMACOM – Desarrollo de materiales compuestos S.L.L – Composite materials development L.L.P.