“Composite materials development via lamination in moulds suitable for building” (RAWBUILDMAT )

With this project, DEMACOM sets as its overall aim the creation of its own products and starting a company product catalogue which will prevent it from relying so much on the designs of the current clients. This development comprises of a new range of composite materials -or composites– to be employed as prefabricated products in the building industry. In this new undertaking, we will take advantage of the vast experience DEMACOM possesses in manufacturing large-sized pieces which have various features incorporated. The composite materials which will be developed in this project become the essential raw material in the final manufacture of the future products. Their various compositions and different structural configurations make for innovative materials that are easy to use and possess high performance.

This undertaking is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and Castilla y León Regional Government. It is all done through the Business Competitiveness Institute of Castilla y León (BCI) with the sole purpose of achieving a more ambitious business network. The project corresponds to the Thematic Goal 1 which has as its aim “fostering technological development as well as quality innovation and research”.